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Texas man wins Think-Off

NEW YORK MILLS—Anthony Berryhill of Austin, Texas, won the 2018 Great American Think-Off Saturday, June 9, at the Cultural Center in New York Mills.

During the debate, four finalists argued their side of the question, "Which plays a larger role in shaping one's life: success or failure?" Obama Foundation Fellow Ashley Hanson moderated the arguments and fielded questions from the Think-Off committee and the live audience.

After three rounds of sometimes intense but always civil debate, the audience voted to select Berryhill as the winner and to uphold his proposition that failure plays a larger role in shaping one's life. Berryhill defeated Mark Bland of Virginia Beach, Va., in the final round.

Bland out-argued Rudy San Miguel of New Orleans in Round 1, when both contestants were arguing on the side of success. Berryhill defeated Tonya Abari of Nashville in Round 2, when both were arguing on the side of failure.

"We want to run away from failure, but I would hope that we don't," Berryhill, said in the final round, a news release stated. "We can't make ourselves unique without recognizing how failure can shape us. The freedom to choose where failure directs you is how we define our lives. We see our accomplishments but not only that. We see what got us there—the failures we encountered."

Berryhill is a learning and development manager for GLG, a learning platform that helps investment and corporate institutions with their research needs. He is an alumnus of Breakthrough New Orleans, Isidore Newman High School, Stanford University and Yale's Doctoral Program in political theory. Berryhill has 17 years of experience coaching nationally competitive debaters who discuss applied philosophy topics throughout the year. His scholarship and work experience focuses on strategies for promoting the inclusion of underserved groups in business and government.

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