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Reader Opinion: Reject the lies

I had to laugh at a response to a letter I wrote, as that's the best antidote to stale, monotonous

leftist boilerplate. Yes, it's best to laugh in the face of untenable leftism and denounce it as the lie it is.

First, it's (almost) laughable how the left will only quote from a "dictionary" they wrote in order to

control all dialogue, as is their wont.

Second, I doubt Australians abhor guns, especially after theirs were confiscated by tyrants who do deplore guns—and freedom. In fact, I have some rather harsh criticisms of my own for the Aussie government!

Third, let's talk about "denigration" for a moment. The response claimed my letter was bracketed with denigration, yet the writer, providing no evidence, disparaged the NRA, alleging a crime of creating black markets for guns. Typical leftist projection. Kettle; Meet Pot.

Finally, have you ever noticed how socialists only suggest "working together" when they do not have absolute power? When they're in control, it's their way or the highway. Just ask Australia. But they are always willing to 'work' with conservatives as a way to continue their agenda of wrecking capitalism and freedom.

The letter claims rhetoric like mine is a stain on our Constitution-derived free press. That's predictable double-speak to shut down any criticism of their failures or exposure of their many weaknesses. It hates that the Constitution is what empowers us to expose the fraud and corruption on the left.

Aren't you tired of being lectured, bullied and lied to? Fight back against leftists by laughing in their faces each and every opportunity you get, and there are plenty of opportunities. They advance an agenda with nothing but an utter failure as its history.

Again, how many lives must socialism ruin before we permanently reject its lies?

Tony Bauer